Sarah Wilson

My name is Sarah Wilson nee Kirkpatrick and I am 64 years old.

My late sister was the dancer in the family whom we watched at every opportunity throughout her professional  dance career. I have always loved contemporary dance – until I joined DANCE SIX-0, I had never imagined that I would be in a contemporary dance class myself, let alone take part in a dance performance with Lila Dance. Being part of the community cast in The Deluge was an amazing experience. It was emotionally stimulating and absorbing, challenging physically and mentally and to work as a group was hugely rewarding.

Dance has made me more aware of my own body and I feel stronger, fitter and more able to balance. It is a joy to express myself in a creative way connecting with a group of like-minded people who help and encourage each other, developing close bonds of trust and friendship. Quite simply dancing makes me happy and at the end of every class I feel a deep sense of wellbeing.