DANCE SIX-0 is enormously grateful to Wilshire Creative and their amazing staff team for all their support.  Our classes are held in the Arts Centre, and are booked through their website, and we also use Salisbury Playhouse for events and performances.  

We are currently receiving funding from Wiltshire Community Foundation and the Arts Society in the Wessex.  We have also benefited from the support of Arts Council England, Wiltshire County Council’s Salisbury Area Board, Sport England, Elevate Dance Company and Salisbury Dance Studios.

We would like to thank all the people who have been so supportive of the Company and who have offered support, time and energy to make DANCE SIX-0 a success!

Judith Bossano, Meg Edgar, Philippa Heseltine, Vicky Thornton (founders)

Gemma Alldred, Sophie Amstell, Matt Bartram, Kyla Booth-Lucking, Gjenya Cambray, Rosalind Conlon, Louise Dancy, Caroline Day, Melanie Evans, Jacinta Landon at Elevate Dance Company, Debbie Lee-Anthony, Karen Linekar, Alexandra Martyn-Potts, Myddelton&Major, Gemma Okell, Hannah Osmond, Rebecca Seymour, Toby Smith, Jane and John Waddington, Sam Gilroy, Sebastian Warrack, Kate Western, Heidi Yorke, Kim Yew Wong of Salisbury Dance Studios.


DANCE SIX-0 has a range of colourful and comfortable T-shirts and hoodies in blue, teal and grey. To find out more, please email rosalindd60gmail-com.