Performance ensemble reaching up, lit with red lights

DANCE SIX-0 & Friends

DANCE SIX-0 has a biennial celebration which we started in 2017 at The Playhouse in Salisbury.

Our first DANCE SIX-0 and Friends saw performances of Ram Pam Pam choreographed by our Open Class dance artist, Debbie Lee Antony, with dancers from the University of Winchester’s D@Win Company, The Things We Do, The Dance We Feel by Abi Mortimer of Lila Dance, and Head in my Bag by Liz Aggiss to a sold out audience. We also invited Grace and Growl from Bridport to perform their own work and Liz Aggiss performed an excerpt from her award-winning work, Slap and Tickle.

In 2019, DANCE SIX-0 and Friends was held at Salisbury Arts Centre where we performed two of our signature works – Dance Me and Head in My Bag. We also performed two new pieces; Bubbles choreographed by Company Artistic Director, Rosalind Conlon, and Walking Back by Namron CBE who also gave a performance. Other older dance groups completed the bill – Gerry’s Attic from Bristol and Caribbean Orchid from London.

Pictures from DANCE SIX-0 and Friends