About us

Formed in 2015, DANCE SIX-0 enables people aged 60+ to create and perform contemporary dance works that engage, entertain and inspire. We aim to challenge expectations about ageing.

Based in Salisbury, the DANCE SIX-0 Company produces surprising and compelling works, made with renowned choreographers and performed by older dancers, led by Artistic Director, Rosalind Conlon.

Professional choreographers who have worked with the Company include: Charlotte Spencer, Adrienne Hart (Neon Dance), Abi Mortimer and Carrie Whitaker (Lila Dance), Toni Grove (Probe), Liz Aggiss and Namron.

DANCE SIX-0 also runs weekly Open Classes at The Art’s Centre in Salisbury that are creative, relaxed and enjoyable movement sessions for people 60+ led by dance artist, Debbie Lee-Anthony.