Pauline Rodgers

As a child I took ballet and tap lessons until the age of eleven when I became interested in drama.

Whilst deciding I wanted to train to become a primary school teacher was an easy option, harder decisions had to be made on main subject choices. I opted to study dance at Crewe and Alsager College and there, I began to appreciate that dance is much more than pointed toes! Dance, for me, became the expression of all that the heart can feel, its passions and pangs, it’s moods and aspirations.   After college, marriage, children and family commitments alongside a fulfilling teaching career, filled the days. Living near to Manchester I was able to continue to enjoy the richness of theatre, concerts and dance.

And now well into retirement I once again have the wonderful opportunity to express myself creatively through Dance Six-O. The physical, emotional and social benefits of dance are well documented but for me it is the sheer delight in moving creatively and expressively with others that remains my driving force.