About Us

DANCE SIX-O is a not for profit contemporary dance company based in Salisbury, supported by Wiltshire Creative.

Established in September 2015, we offer men and women approaching 60 and all ages over, the opportunity to experience and benefit from the improved health and wellbeing that can result from regular participation in dance.

DANCE SIX-0 aims :

  • Create a vibrant and active dance Performance Company for people approaching 60 and all ages over, based in Salisbury.
  • Attract people with diverse levels of movement, who still have the spark, which embraces the joy of life through dance and movement.
  • Challenge stereotypes of what activities older people can/should engage in.
  • Encourage and develop high quality work of a professional standard which can be performed to audiences.
  • Be a performance company with strong artistic ideals and identity.
  • Enhance the health and wellbeing of company members through regular rehearsal and performance.
  • Inspire others through performance.

We have three strands of activity:

  1. DANCE SIX-0 Company
  2. DANCE SIX-0 Open Classes
  3. Dementia Friendly Dance

The health benefits of dance for older people are well documented. To quote the NHS, ‘Moving to music is beneficial to both physical and mental health. It is an especially good way of staying fit and well for the over 60’s’. We believe dance is a positive activity because it reinforces what the participants love about being alive, active and creative, being part of the community. It is an excellent together-based activity.

DANCE SIX-O is a dynamic group of people excited by the opportunity to perform, and has succeeded in creating a vibrant and active performance company and a programme of associated classes.

DANCE SIX-0 is funded by Wiltshire Council Area Board (Salisbury), Wiltshire Community Foundation and Arts Council England. We are supported by Wiltshire Creative, Elevate Dance Company and Salisbury Dance Studios.

We need to continue fundraising to exist, and are actively seeking new partners to help us meet our aims.

DANCE SIX-0 founders: Judith Bossano, Meg Edgar, Philippa Heseltine and Vicky Thornton.

Management Committee members: Mo Houlden (Chair), Val Compton (Treasurer),  Christine Bennett, Barbara Evans, Philippa Heseltine, Jane Waddington ,