The Company

The Company, which is made up of a dynamic group of dancers approaching 60 years and all ages over, works towards a high standard of professional performance. The members enjoy the challenge of learning new techniques, of working together to choreograph moves and are excited by the opportunity to perform their work to an audience. They love having the opportunity to dance and perform at the age they are. Participants find being part of a team is an added bonus and the exercising and concentration required a big plus. There is a strong bond between the Company members, who have a wide range of experience in both life and dance; this manifests itself in their work. Led by Artistic Director, Rosalind Conlon, the Company aims to encourage and develop high quality work of a professional standard, to be performed to audiences.

Professional choreographers who have worked with the Company include: Charlotte Spencer, Adrienne Hart (Neon Dance), Abi Mortimer and Carrie Whitaker (Lila Dance), Toni Grove (Probe),  Liz Aggiss and Namron.

Becoming a Company member is about the quality with which you engage in the movement rather than having particular technical skill or specific dance experience.

Criteria for becoming a Company member –

  • a willingness to be expressive with your own body
  • some performance quality – being able to look comfortable in given tasks and not look like you would rather hide behind others
  • a willingness to learn new skills, in technique, improvisation and choreography
  • a willingness to explore given movement material in a way that is personal and honest
  • a willingness to be self-motivated in the sessions but also to work well with the other Company members
  • an ability to commit to the weekly sessions, rehearsal and performance schedule


Choreographers interested in working with DANCE SIX-O should register their interest with Vicky Thornton.

Dancers wishing to join The Company should register their interest with Vicky Thornton and enrol in a term of Open Class.

Contact Vicky at